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Baker's Guide Christian Online Learning

This website helps people to find accredited online undergraduate and graduate degree programs to further their education. The information on the website is free but the colleges and universities are not free.

Baptist Church Planting Ministry

BCPM has free articles about church planting. BCPM is an organization that focuses on church planting and training pastors and Christians in the ministry of church planting.

BBN Bible Institute

Study the Bible online at BBN Bible Institute and earn certificates. Courses are free and anyone may enroll. It is in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German and Russian.

Bible Study Tools

This website is one of the largest online library that has Bible study resources. You are free to use the resources you will find on this website.

Bible Training Centre For Pastors

BTCP offers training for church leaders and pastors. They extend non-formal theological training to the untrained pastors and church leaders in the world. On their website, they have featured resources that are free.

At, you can download thousands of free e-Sword books, commentaries, dictionaries, and Bibles.

You can access different languages of the Bible at You can also listen to audio Bibles and reading devotionals from this site. All resources are free of charge.

Charity Baptist Bible Institute

CBBI is a Baptist Bible school located at Ohio. It teaches through each book of the Bible verse by verse. Courses are taught on various other subjects including the Trinity, Signs &Wonders, Rightly Dividing, Preacher & His Preaching, and more. Click on their link for more information on CBBI.

Child Evangelism Fellowship

This website has stories and activities for children. Children who signs up for their Bible lessons can also receive certificates and awards. The Bible lessons are free.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

If you need to do research, study, read or meditate, go to CCEL website. It is an online library, and they have thousands of books available online.

David & Jonathan

David & Jonathan has free Bible-based correspondence program that has helped thousands of children, youth and adults in building a godly character and in making the Christian faith to grow stronger.


This website has free resources to fuel your daily walk with God.


E-Sword is a fast and effective way to study the Bible. It is user-friendly with more capabilities. This software is free of charge.

Emmaus Correspondence School

Join the millions of students who have used an Emmaus Bible Correspondence course to help them study the Bible. Check the available courses on their website. They have locations around the world. Please write them to see if there is someone sending out courses in the country you are interested in.

Every Believer A Witness Ministries

Every Believer A Witness is an Evangelism Training Revival for Sunday morning attendees. This training is developed for pastors and church leaders. You can find the materials and schedules of trainings on their website.

Faith Bible Baptist Church Links

This website has links to other websites that has free resources.

Faith for the Family- The Pastors Book List

This website offers helpful resources for the Christian life, the Christian home, and the local church. There are Bible study methods, Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias, concordance, and more.

Free Bible Commentary

You can access a free Bible commentary on this website. They have a verse-by-verse, exegetical video, audio and text commentaries emphasizing the intent of the original inspired authors by means of their historical setting, literary context, grammatical features, choice of words, genre, and parallel passages. Commentaries in other languages aside from English are also available.

Free Online Bible Commentary in 50 Languages

Into Thy Word

Into Thy Word has free resources on different Bible study methods, reading plans, Bible study lessons, discipleship, church leadership, and more.

Learn The Bible Free Online Bible College

Learn The Bible is offering a free online Bible College. Courses available are for certificates only and not a standard diploma course. But their certificate courses are equivalent to and beyond the standard degrees.

Love Worth Finding Ministries

This website has free resources such as Bible study materials and articles. You can also listen to their radio broadcast from their website.

Mailbox Club, The

The Mailbox Club offers children's Bible lessons, youth Bible study lessons, and adult Bible studies. Their Bible study lessons are provided free to the student who will enroll in their correspondence program and interactive

"lessons online" website.

Mini Bible College

MBC offers free comprehensive study of the Bible from Genesis through Revelation in 26 languages.


NTSLibrary, The

The NTSLibrary is an online Christian library. They have theological resources that can be freely use by anyone.

Olive Tree Bible Software

Olive Tree has free Bible software. You can download the software from their website.

Online Bible

The Online Bible offers the Free Bible Software, a powerful and comprehensive Bible research software. This software also features multiple translations, commentaries and more to aid you in studying the Scriptures.

Our Daily Bread University offers courses for free. They also have church resources on their website.


This website has a list of resources that are available as download. The resources are freely given to pastors and church leaders who might need it.

Salt Lake Bible College

Salt Lake Bible College is a free Bible college online. They train men and women in the word of God around the world. is a good site to look for sermons. Pastors from different denominations can visit this site and browse the available sermons. I don’t recommend the reformed denominations.

Source of Light Ministries International

SLM International produces, publishes and distributes Christ-centered Bible or correspondence courses or lessons worldwide. You can view the Bible courses available on their website.

They have locations around the world. Please write them to see if there is someone sending out courses in the country you are interested in.

Spurgeon’s Sermons and Archives

You can find Charles Spurgeon's sermons on this website. You can also download the sermons for free.

This website provides free and low cost resources for school teachers, home school, and Christian children's ministry.

The Adrian Rogers Pastor Training Institute

The Adrian Rogers Pastor Training Institute creates world-class leadership resources that are both practical and Biblical. These resources are available for pastors around the world. This is not free.

The Preachers Corner

You can find Dr. Lee Roberson's and Dr. Tom Walker’s sermons at The Preachers Corner website. There are also books about sermon building and other topics, sermon outlines you can use, music, and audio preaching.

Thru the Bible Radio

Thru the Bible Radio has downloadable resources free of charge. There are also study guides or Bible lessons by Dr. J. Vernon McGee. You can listen online in many languages. More information is on this website


TOPIC finds and multiplies pastoral training opportunities, networks pastoral trainers, locates training tools and materials, gives training strategies, and serves pastoral training organizations that ministers where the church is growing rapidly.

Train & Multiply

Train & Multiply is a method of training potential Christian leaders using a set of 63 booklets and a student activity guide. The materials are readily available at the Train & Multiply website.

Trinity College of Biblical Studies

This is a tuition free online Bible college. All class materials are available by online studies, CD-ROM or correspondence.

Trinity Theology

Trinity Theology is offering Bible seminary courses for free of charge. All textbooks and resource CDs are free and downloadable from the online school.

Way of Life Literature, Inc.

This website has free eBooks and free videos.

This is an independent Baptist website and reflects the convictions of a Bible believing independent Baptist.

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular video, dvd, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact

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