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Goats Are Being Used to Fund Barefoot Evangelists

A ministry is providing goats to the poor Lisu people in China's Yunnan Province. They're lending nearly 500 goats to villagers for two years. After breeding, the heard is returned and passed on to another village. As the villagers develop a strong agricultural business, food becomes more readily available. This helps believers strengthen the community, allowing them to build schools, medical clinics and support 'bare-foot' evangelists to help spread the Gospel.

Terrible poverty in the remote regions of Yunnan Province, China. Living in hamlets that cling to steep mountain slopes, the people eke out a meager living by mainly growing corn and buck-wheat. School buildings are falling down, health care doesn't exist and electricity and water are extremely rare.

A ministry is helping Lisu people out of their economic troubles by loaning goats to the villagers. Since few farm animals survive in the high altitude, minimal vegetation and harsh climate, goats thrive in such conditions. So, they purchased nearly 500 goats to loan to the village.

The goal is to target the poorest and most inaccessible villages where a bare-footed evangelist is supported, raise funds to buy several hundred goats, loan them to one of the local church leaders, and after two years the herd is returned and then lent out to another village. The goal: to plant a profitable business to help sustain life, which will be a great testimony to those watching.

Pray that this ministry will be successful and will not only help sustain life, but will also spread the hope of the Gospel.

Looking for a gift that keeps on giving? A dairy goat can supply a poor family with food. A nanny goat can produce as many as three kids a year, enabling a family to start a small business. As Samaritans Purse can assist with the care of their goats, they have opportunities to talk about the Good Shepherd. A dairy goat costs around $50.

This same idea can be done in other places.

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