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The language is sometimes referred to as Haitian or Creole or Haitian Creole or Kreyol.

This below has places to buy books, tracts, audio, video, dvd, theological education by extension, Bibles, New Testaments, concordances, evangelistic magazines, and children's materials.
There are web sites to read the Creole bible online, the Creole bible dictionary online and information on Creole Christian radio stations.

Multi-Language Media - Foreign Language Christian Resources
Christian materials in many languages. Scriptures, books, videos, cross-cultural resources.
Theological Education by Extension in Creole, concordance, evangelistic magazine, portrait of Jesus audio cd rom, children's Bible stories, The Story of Jesus for Children dvd
Jesus film dvd

The Jesus Film Project
Jesus Film Store
The Story of Jesus for Children dvd
Jesus Film dvd (Haitian Creole French)

Watch the Jesus Film Online
Haitian Creole French (name of language)
Watch "The Story of Jesus for Children" Film

God's Story dvd

Fellowship Tract League
Creole tracts, four titles

E 3 Resources
Creole Tracts
e3 Resources presents "EvangeTracts". EvangeTracts offer a dynamic evangelism presentation that combines the power of the EvangeCube images with scripture.

Chick Tracts
This Was Your Life
One Way!
Wordless Gospel
Creator or Liar?
Is there Another Christ?

God's Simple Plan of Salvation Tract
Creole tracts

World Missionary Press Tracts
language listed as Kreyol or Creole six titles
Help from Above
How to Know God
The Way to God
Satan versus Christ
Let's Praise the Lord
A Bible Study on Matthew

Answers in Genesis
Below I will list the materials that we currently have published:
7 K Istwa yo (7 C's of History)
Eske te vreman genyen yon Lach e Delij Noe (Was There Really a Noah's Ark and Flood')
Kibo Kayen te jwenn madanm li? (Where Did Cain Get his Wife?)
The above three items are booklets.
We are also in the process of publishing an animal book which consists of eight of the Created Creature articles from Answers magazine.

Evangelical Tract Distributors
Creole, five titles

The Most Important Story Ever Told booklet Creole
A 32-page presentation of God's plan of salvation.

New Life in Christ Discipleship Manual in Haitian Creole - Discovering New Life in Christ- Free to Copy Please see these websites and website link.

American Tract Society
Yes, I Know So (Creole)
Product #: 30560
(Creole Translation) Be absolutely sure you know Christ!
Haitian Creole Bible

Bibles Canada
Haitian Creole Bible
Haitian Creole New Testament and Psalms
Haitian Creole New Testament on CD

Family Christian
Haitian Creole Bible

The Abbey Christian Bookstore
Haitian Creole Bible

Books of the Bible
Haitian Creole Bible

Source of Light Ministries
correspondence courses in Creole

Operation World on Haiti

Ethnic Harvest
look under Haitian at the Bibles in Your Language link
information on the
Haitian Creole Bible online, Haitian Creole audio New Testament,
Haitian Creole Bible, Haitian Creole New Testament, Haitian Creole Children's Bible Stories

Talking Bibles
Haitian Creole New Testament for people who can't read
audio New Testament

World Bibles
links to Creole Bibles, New Testaments, audio, online

World Bible Finder
links to Haitian Creole Bibles and New Testaments

Tract Finder
links to Haitian Creole Tracts
look under Creole

Forum of Bible Agencies
Find a Bible
links to Haitian Creole Bibles, New Testament and audio, on cd, dvds

Ethnic Harvest's Online Parallel Bible
look under Haitian Creole
Haitian Creole Bible-FL (Leather Bound)
Haitian Creole Bible
Haitian New Testament and Psalms (paperback)
Haitian New Testament and Psalms: Popular Version
Haitian New Testament (paperback)
Haitian Children's Bible (hardcover)
Haitian New Testament (Audio Cassette)

Bible Gateway
look for Kreyol in the pull down menu
online Creole or Kreyol Bible

Audio Scriptures
Haitian Creole New Testament audio mp3 cd

Faith Comes by Hearing
click on store
Audio Bibles
listed under Haitian Creole

International Bibles
Haitian Creole Bible and New Testament and Psalms

Fouye! the Bible
Kreyol Bible online

Bible Keeper
Haitian Creole Bible online
Haitian Creole Bible link on the home page

Hebrew Old Testament
Haitian Creole Bible online

God Rules
Haitian Bible online

Jesus Christ Saves Ministries
Haitian Bible online

Haitian Creole Bible Dictionary
Creole bible dictionary online

Haitian Bible Society

Worldmag article on Haiti

Haiti Christianity
To provide information about Christianity and Christian organizations in Haiti and in Haitian communities in the diaspora.
We hope information on this site can help Christians all over the world reach other Christians, missions and ministries working in Haiti for the spreading of the gospel of our Lord Jesus-Christ!

Audio Scriptures
Haitian Creole New Testament - audio MP3 CD

Shiloah Books
Haitian Creole Bible
English -Creole Dictionary

World Scriptures
This website has the history of the Haitian Creole Bible and New Testament.

The Four Spiritual Laws Tract
The Four Spiritual Laws Tract is online in Creole at this web site. Please call Campus Crusade for Christ to see if the tract is available on paper.

Lockhaven Scripture Ministry
14246 Boggy Creek Rd.
Orlando, Fl 32824
Phone: 407-857-0461
This ministry also offers New Testaments in Creole.

Free Tract Society
tracts in Creole

Kreyol Bible Online
BIB LA: Haitian Creole Bible online

Bible Database
Haitian Creole Bible online

7 Amazon UK
Haitian Creole Bible
Haitian New Testament with Psalms

No Frontiers
Bible and The Most Important Story Ever Told evangelistic booklet

OneHope's Book of Hope
OneHope (formerly Book of Hope International)
Book of Hope was developed to teach the basics to children from the Gospels. They needed to know God loves them and has a plan for their lives. Above all else, they needed to know what Jesus had done for them and that he desired a relationship with them.

Bearing Precious Seed
Bearing Precious Seed has a John and Romans booklet in French Creole. French Creole is similar or the same as Haitian Creole.

Operation Somebody Cares
Illustrated Gospel of Romans booklet

Online Bible
Haitian Creole Bible comes with some of the software

Haitian Christian Radio Stations

Radio 4VEH
Christian Radio Station in Haiti
A ministry of OMS International and faithfully supported by mission teams through Men for Missions.


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