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Halloween Outreach Resources

Christian Research Institute
CRI has many articles and resources on Halloween. Please put "Halloween" in the search engine to view these resources.

Halloween Cards
Living Waters offers a graphics for creating business-card sized Halloween tracts. One graphics is for children and the other for teens and pre-teens.

Halloween Documentary Videos at Jeremiah Films
Jeremiah Films has produced 3 Halloween documentary videos: Halloween Trick or Treat (English/Spanish), Pagan Invasion Series, and Pop Culture Paganism.

Halloween Rescue Kit
The Halloween Rescue Kit is a combination of tracts and treats you can give away during Halloween. It comes with tracts, an individual treat bag, a sticker directing children to a website with an interactive gospel presentation, and 2 pieces of name brand taffy.

Halloween Resources at Peggie's Place
Scroll down the page for the website links that has Halloween resources.

Halloween Tracts at Bible Truth Publishers
Bible Truth Publishers has four Halloween tracts/booklets: Cookie, the Brave Cat, Harvest Time, The Pumpkin That Caught Geese, and Tricky Treats. The tracts/booklets are in full-color and great for children.

Halloween Tracts at Chick Publications
Chick Publications has many illustrated tracts/booklets about Halloween. The tracts/booklets are available in different languages.

Halloween Tracts at has many Halloween tracts.

Halloween Tracts at CLC Bookshops
CLC Bookshops is selling many Halloween tracts. These tracts are great for children.

Halloween Tracts/Booklets at CPO
CPO has many Halloween tracts and booklets. These tracts are great for children.

Halloween Tracts at Crossway
Crossway has Halloween tracts in comic and non-comic format and printed on glossy paper. Their tracts are available in different languages.

Halloween Tracts at Evangelical Tract Distributors
Evangelical Tract Distributors has printed three tracts for Halloween: False Faces, Playing Halloween, and Trick or Treat.

Halloween Tracts at The Tract League
The Tract League has several tracts for Halloween. These tracts are great for unbelievers and believers.

Here's Where To Order Inexpensive Gospel Tracts To Hand Out At Halloween
This page contains links where you can get cheap Halloween gospel tracts.

Links to other Halloween Sites
This page contains links to websites that have resources or articles about Halloween.

Ross Doughten Films
RD Films is the producer of the movies Thief in the Night and A Distant Thunder. These movies are not about ghosts but it can be shown during Halloween. These movies are about the end-times.

The Burning Hell (DVD)
This website is where you can get the Christian film, The Burning Hell. This film is a scriptural interpretation of what the Bible has to say about a literal hell. The film seeks to portray in graphic terms all of the horror of hell and how to escape its flames. The Burning Hell is available in English and Spanish.

The Facts on Halloween (Book)
By John Ankerberg
The Facts on Halloween provides information that helps answer questions such as: when and where did Halloween originate, what customs come from pagan beliefs, and what should Christians know if they choose to participate in this event. This booklet is easy to understand and factual.

The Frightful Facts on Halloween
This page contains links to websites that explain why Halloween is not something that a Christian should participate in.

What do the following have in common with Jesus Christ? - Nothing!
This is a Halloween tract offered by Alameda Chapel. This tract is designed to give to Trick or Treaters on Halloween. A Gospel message with an offer to minister to parents who want to raise their children on the Solid Foundation.

World Christian Tract Finder
The Tract Finder is an attempt to list where you may buy Christian tracts and find online tracts in different languages. Please put "Halloween" on the search engine when looking for Halloween tracts.


A Probe Mom Looks at Halloween from a Christian Perspective
By Sue Bohlin

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Is Halloween a Witches' Brew?
By Harold L. Myra

Matters of Opinion: Hallowing Halloween
By Anderson M. Rearick III

New Christian Tracts Enable Churches to Share the Gospel at Halloween and for Trunk or Treat

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Should Christians Evangelize on Halloween?

Why I Love Halloween
By Ray Comfort

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