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House Rules by Nate

With each new child, we have had to start over again teaching basic rules of conduct, so I have codified our house rules and read them aloud every few months to remind our children. I have tried to follow the Biblical pattern with its relatively small number of major commandments each with its set of applications in case laws. I've also tried to state the major commandments positively. With a codified set of rules, children are without excuse when they transgress, and when they do transgress, they are quickly reminded by quoting the major commandment, and spankable offenses are clear-cut so I'm not constantly puzzling over when to spank.


• Love God and everything to do with Him!

• Honor God and the Bible with your words – don’t say sacrelegious things, and don’t talk while the Bible is read.

• Show respect and join the praise when we worship God.

• Honor the Lord’s Day with Bible books, videos, etc – no regular chores or studies.


• Drop what you’re doing and listen carefully when we speak – don’t talk when your mother and father are talking.

• Acknowledge that you heard (Yes Ma’am Mama/Yes Sir Papa).

• Ask questions if you don’t understand or if you want to finish what you’re doing first.

• Obey quickly and cheerfully, without delaying or complaining.
• If Papa says “No,” don’t go to Mama to see if she’ll say “Yes” - and vice versa.
• If you see your brother or sister disobeying, don’t punish them, just remind them and then tell Mama or Papa.


• When you’re done with a meal, clear the table and wash your hands when you’re done.

• Take out only one game or two books at a time; don’t pull out more until you put up the first.

• Wash Hands before touching music instruments.

• Keep the floors and yards clear – put up your books and toys when you’re done playing.
• After you use a tool, put it back in its proper place.
• When you take your clothes off, put them in the dirty clothes hamper or back in your clothes drawers.
• When you take your shoes off, put them in the shoe rack.
• Keep outside doors closed.
• Turn off lights when you leave a room.
• Flush toilet and turn off sink when you’re done.
• Turn on bathroom fan when you shower, and hang wet towels up when you’re done.


• Don’t write on or put stickers on walls or furniture - only on blank paper.

• Treat furniture and instruments gently - no hitting; only use fingers on piano.

• Do not play on the roof of the house or cars.
• Don’t play with other people’s things without their permission.
• Do not swing on doors or cabinet doors.
• Don’t jump on the beds or climb on the backs or sides of couches.
• Only take a rock if God put it there; don't take man-made rocks from roads and gardens.
• Don’t steal.


• Think about whether what you’re doing might hurt someone.

• Don’t swing or throw things around any other person.

• No little kids by themselves outside; no crossing the property line without permission.

• Do not cross the street until you’ve looked carefully both ways; little kids don’t cross by yourself.
• Don‘t play with ceiling fans.
• Don’t stick hands out the car windows when we’re driving.
• Don’t play with fire (matches, grill, firebrands, candles, etc.)
• Always walk close together with the family when in public.
• Don’t stick sharp things in you mouth or run with sharp things in your hands.
• Keep harmful things out of reach of the baby (swallowable Legos, medicine, cleaners, etc.)
• Take a buddy with you whenever you do something dangerous like swim, climb trees or ladders, operate mowers, or zip line.


• Don’t eat food from the kitchen until it is meal-time.

• Don’t touch your neighbor while you’re eating.

• No loud noises at the table (Loud laughing, shouting, singing).
• Ask politely for what you need: “Please pass the…” – and listen and respond to these requests.
• When you’re done eating, clear your place and sit quietly until dessert. Do not play in the dining room while you wait.
• Use your tableware, not your fingers.
• Don’t complain about what you don’t like, just leave it on the side of your plate (don’t throw on floor or table).
• Try to eat all the food on your plate; eat at least one bite of things you don’t like.
• Talk about things of interest to everyone.

• Keep all chair legs on the floor and your bottom on your chair seat – don’t tip your chair.


• Think of how to please family members and guests, not how to irritate them.

• Don’t hurt a friend physically: no hitting, biting or scratching.

• No name-calling or saying mean things to anyone.

• If you disagree, give deference and don’t keep arguing.
• Watch for the needs of little brothers and sisters and help them.
• If you hurt someone, immediately apologize and make it right.



• Dress modestly – cover your body adequately.

• Boys, dress like gentlemen; Girls, dress like ladies.

• Turn your eyes away from those who are not dressed modestly.
• Boys, be chivalrous: Be gentle with girls and defend girls if other boys are treating them roughly.
• Don’t enter a closed door without knocking first.
• Do not show exclusive interest in a member of the opposite sex until you are ready to have children with them.

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