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Christian Resources on Marriage and Finances

Please visit this website for more financial ministry resources.

Financial Ministry Resources

Crown Financial Ministries

Crown Financial Ministries partners with Focus on the Family for resources on finance-overseeing among couples. Check out their site for more information and helpful articles on a family’s financial management.

Debt-Proof Your Marriage: How to Achieve Financial Harmony (Debt-Proof Living)

By Mary Hunt

Mary Hunt's book is an essential guide that will help couples protect both their marriage and their money. The book covers everything couples need for managing their money harmoniously, including how to live debt-free. Hunt's essential guide will help couples protect both their marriage and their money. With the interactive workbook, this is also ideal for small group study or pre-marital counseling.

Doug Britton Books

God knows handling money is tricky. That's why there are so many verses about it in the Bible. As you discover and practice these biblical guidelines about finances, you will find yourselves living in harmony, free from debt. This practical book on Christian marriage includes easy-to-use charts and budgeting forms that will help you get your finances under control.

Family Life (Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow)

This website offers tips for couples in every aspect of a married life, including finances. Read articles for free and/or visit their online store for helpful books about marriage and finances.

How to Fight Fair About Finances (Article)

This is an article from the book “Opposites Attack”, posted at Marriage Missions website. With other related reads at the bottom. You can also search the website for articles about marriage and finances.

Marriage and Children: Marriage and Finances, Children, Teens, and Money (Paperback)

By Crown Financial Ministries

This book will help you if you: 1) Are married or considering marriage; 2) Have children or grandchildren; 3) Are responsible for the care of children, and; 4) Want to understand and help someone in one of these categories. The book is also available in different languages on

Marriage and Finances Links and Resource Descriptions

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Marriage Makers

Everyone will enjoy this non-confrontational Conference. Whether you're a single adult or celebrating your diamond anniversary, this unique multi-media experience will inform and strengthen your faith and hope in the marriage relationship. One of the subjects in this conference is finances.

Money and Marriage: God’s Way (Paperback)

By Howard Dayton

Financial problems can rob couples of the blessings of marriage and family in a way that God does not want. God intended a peace for his people; not conflict. This book addresses issues like debt, spending, saving, investing, and budgeting that if followed, can strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

Money before Marriage: A Financial Workbook for Engaged Couples (Paperback)

By Larry Burkett, Michael Taylor

Because you deserve the best in your marriage, now you can disarm two of the most potent threats to your upcoming marriage: mismanagement of money and poor communication. You can do this by putting “Money before Marriage” to work for you.

Money Talks and So Can we by Ron and Judy Blue

In this book Ron and Judy Blue offer a framework through which couples can successfully communicate about their finances and they specifically address some of the most common conflicts, providing practical advice and valuable tools couples can use to strengthen their marriages and secure their financial future.

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