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MegaVoice Solar Powered Audio Player

Audio Bibles For The Blind - MegaVoice

You can buy MegaVoice players at Audio Bibles For the Blind. These digital audio pm3 players are used for ministry work among non-readers and unreached people groups. They are also used for humanitarian and educational purposes by relief organizations.

Aurora Ministries sells products that the blind, visually impaired, and print-handicapped can use. They have Talking Bibles, audio players, and more.

Megavoice Facebook
These are the Facebook fan pages of MegaVoice. You may go to their facebook page to know more about their products and services. MegaVoice's mission is to provide solar-powered audio Bibles. They partner with ministries, missions, Bible societies, Bible translators, and churches to carry out the Great Commission.

Flickr - MegaVoice Recipients

MegaVoice has helped thousands of people through their solar-powered audio players and Bibles. Check out the photos at Flickr and see how happy these people are to receive these amazing devices.

Scripture Engagement

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This is the official website of MegaVoice. MegaVoice distributes audio players and audio Bibles. What is good about these devices is that they are solar-powered. These devices are useful especially to people who are visually handicapped and to groups living in remote areas where electricity is hard to find.

MegaVoice International

If you want to be updated to MegaVoice's ministry in the international community, visit this website. This website provides information and updates about what they are doing and how they are helping the international community to know more about Christ through solar-powered audio Bibles and audio players.

The God's Story Project - Solar Audio Players and Speakers

TGSP is selling solar audio players on their website.

Twitter - MegaVoice

Follow MegaVoice's twitter account for regular updates on how solar-powered audio Bibles are instrumental in reaching many with the gospel and good news.

MegaVoice Solar Audio Bibles - South Africa

"Over 28 years ago, the founders of MegaVoice pioneered the development of the first solar-powered, digital audio Bible. Their vision was to reach the estimated four billion people who are unable to read God's life-giving Word for themselves. We have distributed more than 1,300,000 Bible players since 1988." (Read more about this article, click on the link provided.)

Megavoice International

"Do animals talk? Yes! And some even share the story of Jesus. Thanks to an innovative audio tool called the Wildlife STORYTELLER, vulnerable and victimized people hear about the peace and security found in Jesus through the comfort of a stuffed animal." (Read more about this article, click on the link provided.)

Online Videos

YouTube - MegaVoice

MegaVoice can help our generation spread the Word of God to the poor of the earth. The MegaVoice solar audio Bible is available for your ministry to reach oral learners in thousands of languages and dialects.

YouTube - MegaVoice Breaking The Silence - Solar Powered Audio Bibles

MegaVoice reach the unreached with the Word of God with solar-powered audio Bibles. It is ideal for the blind, the sick, those in rural areas and those that cannot read for Jesus Christ. MegaVoice was founded in 1988 and have produced one million audio Bibles by the year 2013.

YouTube - MegaVoice Envoy S - How to Operate the Bible Player

This is a very informal guide on how to operate the MegaVoice Envoy S and Envoy S Dual player.

YouTube - MegaVoice: How will they know him?

This is a video footage from MegaVoice DVD.

YouTube - MegaVoice - Mozambique - Heidi Baker

MegaVoice audio Bibles are being given to people in Mozambique.

YouTube - MegaVoice-Vanuata Testimony

MegaVoice solar-powered audio Bibles are reaching people around the world for Christ. Check out this recent testimony in Vanuatu who, after listening to his MegaVoice and then speaking with a Pastor, has changed his life and is now following Christ.

YouTube - Partnering to Reach Oral Learners

Reaching billions of oral learners with the Good News is more effective as ministries partner for the glory of God.

YouTube - Reaching Oral Learners

Reaching billions of oral learners with the Good News is more effective as ministries partner for the glory of God. 1 min 40 seconds

YouTube - Solar Audio Bibles Break the Silence

MegaVoice ministry partners are reaching millions of oral learners with God's Word - in thousands of languages - using our solar-powered audio Bibles. They are ideal for reaching oral learners, non-readers, blind and visually impaired people, those who are sick, and others living in rural areas.

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