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Avoiding the Tentmaker Trap

by Dan. Gibson (Author)

Practical guidance for the prospective tentmaker, including a comprehensive resource list of books and organizations.

Business as a Calling: Work and the Examined Life

by Michael Novak (Author)


Business as a calling: work and the examined life. New York, NY: The Free Press.

Examines the interplay between religion and business and the effect on the moral and social condition of a nation.

Business By The Book Complete Guide Of Biblical Principles For The Workplace

by Larry Burkett (Author)


Practical advice for how to apply Biblical principles to business operation and management.

Business for the Glory of God: The Bible's Teaching on the Moral Goodness of Business

by Wayne Grudem (Author)

Examines how business, in particular ownership, employment, profit, money, inequality of possessions, competition etc. may glorify God.

Business Power for God's Purpose

by Heinz Suter (Author), Dr. Marco Gmur (Author)


Business Power for God’s Purpose. Greng, Switz.:VKG Publishing.

Introduction to the role of business in the task of world evangelization, including history and ethics and some cases.

Business Unlimited: Memories of the Coming Kingdom

by J. Gunnar Olson (Author) 


Business unlimited: Memories of the coming kingdom, (ICCC, 2002: Scandinavia Publishing House.

The autobiography of Gunnar Olson, founder of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce. A story of an intimate walk with God which has lead to the author being used to influence nations.

Christian Microenterprise Development

by David Bussau (Author)


This book is designed to help churches, missionaries, and Christian NGOs understand the basics of micro-enterprise development particularly in third-world countries. Using original research, as well as the current literature, this handbook sheds light on the wide array of issues and challenges associated with the implementation of Christian micro-enterprise development strategies. Readers are introduced to the foundational theory behind micro-finance for poor people and are introduced to the principles of best practice emerging from Christian micro-enterprise development programs around the world.

The past decade has seen a remarkable growth in mission in countries in the 10/40 window. Dynamic mission groups are always searching for authentic approaches to enable them to serve communities with integrity and remain faithful to the biblical message. Of the various approaches attempted, one in particular that has arrested the imagination and enthusiasm of many mission organizations is Microenterprise Development (MED). Recent surveys suggest that in excess of 1,200 different Christian organization are currently implementing MED in the two-thirds world. Alas, many of these efforts begin with little understanding of the basic fundamentals of creating a credit culture, with the discipline and knowledge of the best practices required. The objective of this handbook is to provide information to help Christian MED practitioners and donors better understand how to apply Christian MED in ways that build Christ's kingdom. The book draws from literature on secular MED and undertakes eight case studies of Christian MED programs from around the world. It then compares the findings from both to identify the strengths and weaknesses of Christian MED.

Christian Microenterprise Development: An Introduction

by David Bussau (Author)

Christian micro enterprise development: An introduction. Regnum Books.

A handbook to equip practitioners and donors to build Christ’s Kingdom through Christian MED.

Christianity and Economics in the Post-Cold War Era: The Oxford Declaration and Beyond

by Mr. Herbert Schlossberg (Editor), Mr. Vinay Samuel (Series Editor), Mr. Ronald J. Sider 


Christianity and economics in the Post-cold war era. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans.

Developed from the second Oxford Conference on Christian faith and economics, this book reproduces the 1990 Oxford Declaration itself and eleven critical responses on the subject of Christian faith and economics.

Christianity and Economics in the Post-Cold War Era: The Oxford Declaration and Beyond

by Mr. Herbert Schlossberg (Editor), Mr. Vinay Samuel (Series Editor), Mr. Ronald J. Sider 


Christianity and economics in the Post-cold war era. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans.

Developed from the second Oxford Conference on Christian faith and economics, this book reproduces the 1990 Oxford Declaration itself and eleven critical responses on the subject of Christian faith and economics.

Church on Sunday, Work on Monday: The Challenge of Fusing Christian Values with Business Life by Laura Nash (Author), Ken Blanchard (Author), Scotty McLennan  (Author)


A guide to improving communication between the worlds of church and business. The authors draw on extensive research including case studies and interviews, and define the obstacles to such communication.

Created to Flourish E-Book

Hope International

From Dependence to Dignity: How to Alleviate Poverty through Church-Centered Microfinance

by Brian Fikkert (Author), Russell Mask  (Author), Rick Warren (Foreword) 



The church of Jesus Christ finds itself at a very unique moment in history. The average Christian living in the “economically advanced countries” enjoys a level of prosperity that has been unimaginable for most of human history.  At the same time, over 2.5 billion people in the Majority World (Africa, Asia, and Latin America) live on less than $2 per day, with many of these people being Christians.  Ironically, it is amongst the “least of these” in the Global South that the global church is experiencing the most rapid growth.

God Is at Work: Transforming People and Nations Through Business

by Ken Eldred (Author), David Yonggi Cho (Foreword)

Deals with Kingdom business as an emerging mission movement, one in which Christian business people are meeting significant spiritual and economic needs in the developing world. They are pursuing for-profit business ventures designed to facilitate the transformation of people and nations.

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Great Commission Companies: The Emerging Role of Business in Mission

by Steven Rundle (Author), Tom A. Steffen (Author)


Introduces principles for Great Commission Companies in the context of globalization. Provides five case studies from businesses involved in mission.

Holistic Entrepreneurs in China

by Kim-Kwong Chan (Author)Amazon UK


Holistice entrepreneurs in China: A handbook on the World Trade Organization and new opportunities for Christians.

Pasadena, CA.: William Carey International University Press.

Practical information on the economic changes taking place in China and the opportunities for Christian business entrepreneurs being created.

Just Business: Christian Ethics for the Marketplace

by Alexander Hill  (Author)

An introduction to business ethics and help for examining ethical issues that arise in any business development context.

Kingdom business: The ministry of promoting economic activity

by David R Befus (Author)


Kingdom business: The ministry of promoting economic development.

Miami: Latin America Mission.

Befus writes from his experience in integrating ministry with economic activity and presents five models of integration. There are both Spanish and English translations.

Kingdom Companies: How 24 Executives Around the Globe Serve Jesus Christ

by Jorg Knoblauch (Author), Jurg Opprecht (Author)

Amazon India

Introduces kingdom companies – those businesses that operate on biblical values and as a means of spreading the gospel. Highlights principles for kingdom companies through short company profiles. (

Lasting Investments: A Pastor's Guide for Equipping Workplace Leaders to Leave a Spiritual Legacy


Rediscovering the common goals and visions that pastors and workplace leaders share.

Mission Drift?: Exploring a Paradigm Shift in Evangelical Mission with Particular Reference to Microfinance

by Oddvar Sten Ronsen (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition



The Lausanne congress of 1974 marked the widespread adoption of integral mission as essential to the evangelical witness of Christ in our world. Ever since there has been ongoing debate as to the roles of evangelism and social action. In this book Oddvar Sten Ronsen argues that instead of the priority of evangelism over social action there should be the anticipation of evangelism as a result of social action. Although evangelism and social action may not occur at the same time, the author warns of the possibility of “mission drift,” where projects begin with the intention of meeting the social and spiritual needs of the people, but fail to proceed to evangelism. In succumbing to this mission drift, projects cease to be true to the principles of integral mission.
Combining theological reflection with case studies of microfinance enterprises in the Philippines and Thailand, Ronsen evaluates the sustainability of, and social good delivered by, these Christian projects to the communities they serve. The research sheds light on the causes of a drift from integral mission, how these can be managed and whether microfinance can be a bridge for the gospel.

On Kingdom Business: Transforming Missions Through Entrepreneurial Strategies

by Tetsunao Yamamori (Author), Kenneth A. Eldred  (Author), Wayne Grudem 


On kingdom business: Transforming missions through entrepreneurial strategies. Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books. This is a thorough introduction to the concept of Kingdom business from a broad range of experienced contributors, and is divided into three parts: case studies, essays and conclusions.

Penetrating Missions' Final Frontier: A New Strategy for Unreached Peoples

by Tetsunao Yamamori  (Author)


Penetrating missions’ final frontier: A new strategy for unreached people. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press. Yamamori presents a challenge for tentmakers to go out into places other missionaries cannot, all in the light of the remaining task of world missions.

Profit for the Lord: Economic Activities in Moravian Missions and the Basel Mission Trading Company

by William J. Danker (Author)

Today the problem of the relation of the Christian Church to the world stands front and center on the stage of world mission. As never before, the call goes out to the Church to help people all over the world lead a truly human life as the children of God. The Church's ministry in the world must therefore include ministry to human economic needs. In this nationalistic age, moreover, each new church must find its own particular economic structure, not adopt one that is dictated by the tradition of other countries.

Supporting Christians at Work

by Mark Greene 

Amazon Italy

Supporting Christians at work: A practical guide for busy pastors.

London: London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

Tentmakers Speak: Practical Advice Form over 400 Missionary Tentmakers

by Don Hamilton  (Author)


Research led book sharing insights from tentmakers’ real life experiences.

Tentmaking: The Life and Work of Business as Missions

by Patrick Lai  (Author)


Window businesses: Doing tentmaking in the 10/40 window. Pasadena, CA: William Carey International University Press.

Practical guide for starting businesses as a tentmaker in countries at various economic stages.

The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty Through Profits by C.K. Prahalad  (Author)


The fortune at the bottom of the pyramid: Eradicating poverty through profits. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Wharton School Publishing.

The relationship between business and development in developing nations. Examining the entrepreneurial ability and buying power of the poor.

The Marketplace Annotated Bibliography: A Christian Guide to Books on Work, Business & Vocation

by Pete Hammond  (Author), R. Paul Stevens (Author), Todd Svanoe (Author)


Marketplace Annotated Bibliography: A Christian Guide to Books on Work, Business and Vocation. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press.

Comprehensive listing of 1200 books on marketplace-faith integration. The authors include a historical survey of the marketplace-faith movement and a variety of thematic indexes.

The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else

by Hernando De Soto (Author)


Examines the problem of why some countries succeed at capitalism and others fail. He finds a link to the legal structure of property and property rights of each nation.

Today's Tentmakers

by J. and Jr. Wilson Christy (Author)

Introduction to the idea of tentmaking from one of the founding fathers of the modern tentmaking movement.

Transform the world: Biblical vision and purpose for business ; the businessperson's handbook for understanding and practicing business as missions : manual one

by Sharon Bentch Swarr (Author)


Transform the world: Biblical vision and purpose for business. Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development.

A Biblical introduction to the domain of business followed by some practical

guides and principles for developing ‘Great Commission businesses’.

Transforming Microfinance: A Christian Approach

by Makonen Getu  (Author, Editor) 



A unique book which chronicles the revealing ‘story' of microfinance, captures the rich diversity of the industry and explores the invaluable contribution of the Christian faith to this vibrant and fast-growing multi-billion dollar global business.

Walking with the Poor: Principles and Practices of Transformational Development

by Bryant L. Myers  (Author)


Theological basis for economic development and holistic mission, with discussion on the application of these principles.

Working Your Way to the Nations: A Guide to Effective Tentmaking

by Jonathan Lewis (Editor)


A study guide and handbook on tentmaking, with a series of practical essays by experienced specialists. Available at – free to download in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Arabic.

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