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Mime Ministry

Christian Drama and Mime

This website contains a collection of dramas that have been collected over the years. The drama scripts are not under copyright so anyone can use them for their Mime Ministry.

Christian Skit Source

Cora Alley of Inskpirations produces Christian drama scripts and sermon illustrations. Visit Inkspirations and browse through the Christian Mime Theater's list to find Christian scripts that will portray God's love and God's presence in the life of the believer, as well as build healthy relationships, encourage spiritual growth, and challenge your congregation to evangelism. Please put the word mime in the search engine.

Cross the Sky Ministries

Mime Ministry
Cross the Sky Ministry has published three unique mime dramas designed for Christian youth groups and drama teams to present in church, on a mission trip, or as an outreach ministry to their home communities. Each mime drama comes complete with a DVD of the entire drama, an audio CD of supporting music for all the scenes, and a director's booklet containing scene descriptions, liner notes, song lyrics, and great ideas for make-up, costumes, face painting, lighting, and props. Please look like the Mime link on the home page.

DRAMA Ministry

DRAMA Ministry is a Christian youth discipleship ministry that uses mime to portray the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They offer the following services: Street Outreach, Gospel presentation during church events, and Workshops. Please put the word mime in the search engine.


Dramashare have downloadable scripts you can use for your Mime Ministry. Their scripts can be found at the shopping cart. You can also click the above links to take you directly to a list of scripts for mime use. Dramashare also offers DVD and downloadable mime training videos. You can find them under the Training link or you can simply click the link above. Please put the word mime in the search engine.

Mime Ministry Book by Susie Kelly Toomey

An illustrated, easy-to-follow guidebook for organizing, programming and training a troupe of Christian mimes. Tells how to organize a mime troupe for in church or an outreach program; includes war up exercises, games and performance tip. Ideas for song and Scripture interpretations; many performance skis and sketches.

Mime Time by Happy Jack Feder

This is a secular book. Forty-five complete mime
routines for performers of all ages, adaptable to
audiences of different types. This book may be
used as a class text or a library resource. In
addition to the wide variety of routines are
technique suggestions and ideas about makeup,
props, staging, where and when to perform, and
teamwork! Routines for solo and ensemble

Question: "What is a mime? Does the Bible say anything about miming?

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