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Cars, Trucks and Vans for Missionaries - Where to Buy or Rent

Baptist Missionary Transportation Ministry

BMTM provides quality, dependable transportation to missionaries who are coming back to US on furlough. At present, they have 42 vehicles for missionaries and church workers who need transportation.

CMTS Ministries

CMTS Ministries supplies and equips missionaries and ministries across the globe with vehicles, mechanical support, technical equipment and specialized supplies and services.

Furlough Ministries

There was a fast start to the organization as the first car was sent out on April 13, 2014, followed by two vans, one at the end of June and the other in early July. We have a small fleet of four vehicles, one car and three Chrysler/Dodge minivans. We are targeting the 2006 and 2007 Chrysler/Dodge minivan body style at this time. These vehicles meet the transportation needs of the missionaries well and allow us to get very familiar with their specific repair needs. Also, most repair facilities are able to handle repairs if there are breakdowns on the road.

Go Ye Missionary Transportation

Established in 2015, The "Go Ye" missionary transportation ministry, is a non-profit designed to help missionaries fulfill the Great Commission by providing or helping to obtain vehicles for travel during their deputation or furlough itineraries. "Go Ye" also is available to help missionaries or other Christian workers with their auto repair needs.

Grace Corporation

Grace Corporation provides low-cost transportation for Christian missionaries while they are back in US. They provide the vehicle, licensing, and liability insurance on the vehicle.

Ichthus Motor Services

For over 30 years Ichthus Motor Mission has been providing a cost efficient loan car service to Christian Missionaries. Wether it be for short periods whilst back in the country visiting friends and family, or for longer periods spanning 6 months or more, Ichthus Motor Mission aims to provide a reliable service offering fantastic value for money.

Today the Mission is still going and helping missionaries returning to the UK for short breaks or for longer periods, visiting family and friends and fulfilling deputation and speaking engagement, by way of providing a cheap alternative to mainstream hire companies in the provision of temporary vehicle.

Macedonian Call Foundation of Mississippi

In 1998 IMB missionary parents, Tom and Jane Hearon had a God-given idea to begin a transportation ministry to Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and International Mission Board (IMB) missionary families from Mississippi who were serving around the world. When missionaries came home to the USA for short-term assignments they usually had no personal transportation. Tom and Jane Hearon and then W. C. and Ann Young provided wonderful leadership for Macedonian Call Foundation for over 15 years. Jackie Stuart is our third and current president and leads the ministry in its third decade of service to missionaries.

Macedonian Call Foundation

Macedonian Call provides cars and other transportation for Southern Baptist missionaries.

Macedonian Call Foundation of South Carolina

Macedonian Call Foundation of Texas

The Mission of Macedonian Call Foundation is to provide automobiles for evangelical missionaries when they are in the U.S. for temporary stateside assignment (furlough).

Macedonian Call of Georgia

MCG is pleased to provide vehicles to missionaries while in the States on furlough from foreign assignments. In addition, retiring missionaries may use a vehicle for up to three months, starting no later than the day of their retirement.

MATS International

Since 1977, has assisted thousands of organizations and individuals in finding transportation, including:

Mission organizations and staff

Churches and staff

Para-church ministries and staff

Humanitarian organizations and staff


We can help you buy, lease or rent a vehicle for ministry if you're either working or deputising in the USA. We can also help you if you're looking for a vehicle to purchase and ship to Africa, Central or South America, or mostly anywhere.

Ministry Motors

Ministry Motors is an IRS-recognized 501c3 non-profit charity. Our goal is to provide reliable transportation to families and individuals in full-time Christian ministry. Vehicles are awarded based on an application and review process. They are given with no strings attached and at no cost to the awardee.

Missional Living

That’s why Missional Living exists…

By providing low-cost housing and transportation, we hope to make it easier to enjoy a restful home assignment or furlough and re-enter the mission field refreshed and energized.

Through personal, confidential coaching, we hope to see more missionaries receive the care and support they need to thrive in their ministry long term.

Missionary Furlough Vehicles

One of the biggest challenges for missionaries returning to the US on furlough or “home assignment” is getting a hold of a vehicle they can use for the duration of their visit. There are a number of organizations and ministries that seek to help meet this need by providing vehicles for lease to missionaries on furlough.

If you plan to be in the US for a year or longer, you may want to consider purchasing a vehicle. Some of the organizations listed below have the resources to help you find and purchase a vehicle so that your transportation will be all lined up for you by the time you arrive in the US.

Please note that many of the organizations listed below have a limited number of vehicles to lease out, and furlough vehicles are in high demand, so please make reservations far in advance to ensure availability.

Missionary Ministries

Missionary Ministries provide short-term, suitable, dependable transportation for missionaries, pastors or Christian workers especially in times of need.

Missionary TECH Team's Mechanical Services / Missionary Furlough Vehicle

The Missionary TECH Team's Mechanical Services provides a safe and reliable transportation solution, supplying rental cars and vans to missionaries on furlough, as well as to Christian service workers.

Righteous Rides

Righteous Rides leases minivans to evangelical missionaries during their trips home from the field. Aside from that, they also provide 24-hour technical assistance should their clients encounter any problems.

Syzygy Car Hire

Syzygy exists to support mission workers. Our mission is to maximize the effectiveness of mission workers and prevent their avoidable departure from their place of service. In it’s broadest sense, this service is known in the missions world as Member Care. We believe that the primary provider of these services is the sending church, supported by family and friends and facilitated by the sending agency. However it is clear that many mission workers do not have full support, which is when we step in to help.

We have a choice of FOUR cars – a brand new 7-seater Ssangyong Turismo, a 7-seater VW Touran, and two family-sized VW Passat estates. All of them have manual gearboxes but are very easy to drive despite their size. They are all fully taxed and insured, ready for you to use for up to six months. We’ll deliver them to you at a location that’s convenient for you, or even meet you at the airport with them. We’re also able to provide child car seats which are mandatory in the UK for children under the age of 12 unless they are more than 135cm tall.

The Car Ministry

Helping the poor, the needy, full-time ministry workers like pastors, evangelists, missionaries and other Christian workers to obtain auto transportation.

Trust Vehicle Services

Trust Vehicle Services is a family business specializing in the selling, buying and long-term hire (Buy Back) of nearly-new and used cars.

We are committed to being fair with our prices and honest in our dealings. The service we offer is friendly and personal and can be tailor-made to your specific requirements.

We have been operating successfully for over 37 years and will be pleased to assist you in whatever way we can.

Vehicles for Missionaries - AMT

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