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Appropriate Technology Library for Rural Village Missions on CD-ROM

Imagine having access to all the information needed to build a solar food dryer, start a fish farm, build a bamboo printing press, dig a well, harness biogass for energy, build a fuel efficient stove or do thousands of other projects. The AT Library gives you that access!

Already in use in over 130 countries, the AT Library consists of 1050 of the most useful and relevant books on village-level do-it-yourself technologies--all on CD- ROM or Microfiche. In the space it takes to store a single book you can have an entire library. Subjects covered by the AT Library include: agriculture tools and techniques, health care, water supply systems, workshop tools and equipment, solar/wind/water/biogas power, small industry and management, forestry, disaster relief, transportation... classics like... Where There is no Doctor , the Foxfire series, and the entire Better Farming Series.

The cost of the entire CD-ROM library with its 1050 books is $395 (less than 50 cents a book). For more information on the AT Library contact Village Earth at or or in the USA or via Net2Phone call toll free 800-648-8043 or dial (970)491-5754.

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AT Libraries

The Appropriate Technology Library contains the complete text and images from over 1,050 of the best books on all areas of village-level and do-it yourself technologies...over 150,000 pages! In use in over 130 countries by Peace Corps Volunteers, development and relief organizations, engineers, and missionaries, the Appropriate Technology library is the most comprehensive, compact, and cost effective information resource in the world!

The Appropriate Technology Library is 150,000 pages of full text and graphics from 1050 books covering all areas of village-level and do-it yourself technology--all on CD-ROM or microfiche. The AT Library gives you all the benefits of a comprehensive appropriate technology library in the space it takes to store a shoebox. The AT Library gives you the knowledge to solve real-world problems such as; harvesting clean drinking water, making tools, growing your own crops, building and maintaining an irrigation system, preserving crops, reforesting a denuded watershed, starting a small fish hatchery, building a small-scale hydropower scheme, building and maintaining pumps, treating human and animal waste, utilizing solar energy, improving rural cookstove efficiency, constructing energy efficient structures, caring for the sick, non-formal education, preparing for a natural disaster. -- too many uses to list!

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