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Please put the word Mixtec or Mixteco in the search engine.

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Audio visual recordings available in Mixteco in many different dialects of Mixteco.Please put Mixtec or Mixteco in the search engine.

Jesus Film on Dvd in Mixteco Dialects

If you want to get the Jesus film on dvd in Mixteco in the different dialects, please call

David Reeves at 407-482-6198.

It is a lot harder to find the Jesus film on dvd than in the past.

The Jesus film on dvd is available in Mixteco in these different Mixteco dialects: Alacatlatzala, Central Juxtlahuaca, Diuxi-Tilantongo, Eastern, Metlatonoc, Monte Verde, Silacayoapan, Southern Puebla. Many ministries use the Jesus Film in Spanish, a trade language for many Mixteco speakers, and then follow up with language cassettes in individual dialects, one for each family. Diagnostic kits are available from Gospel Recordings, with updated audio samples for ministry workers to use in identifying the correct dialect for each person. These dialect diagnostic kits are available not only for Mixteco speakers, but for the other language families spoken in Mexico and Central America.

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Joshua Project

Please put the word Mixtec or Mixteco in the search engine.

Mexico: Mixteco catch the vision for outreach (article)
By Ruth K'Lama
Mission Network News

"Mexico (ASM) - God's Word in audio is proving to be an effective missionary, pastor, and teacher in villages formerly resistant to the Gospel. What follows is a blog post from Jim Loker, Executive Director of Audio Scripture Ministries, (via staff member Sarah Aron) on a project in Mexico…" Please put the word Mixtec or Mixteco in the search engine.

Mixteco, Amoltepec in Mexico
Joshua Project

Joshua Project has published a profile about the Mixtec. This is helpful especially to missionaries witnessing to the Mixtec.

Mixteco Bible History

Mixteco Christian Fellowship - Facebook

Mixtec, Southeastern Guerrero of United States
International Mission Board (IMB),+Southeastern+Guerrero

This page contains a brief profile about the Mixtec.

Mixteco Christian Fellowship is a Christian outreach ministry assisting the Mixteco people and others in San Antonio De Las Minas, Mexico. They have a church where the Mixtec can hear the Word of God, study the Bible, have fellowship with other Christians, and praise and worship the Lord.

Scripture Earth

Please put the word Mixtec or Mixteco in the search engine.

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Watch the Jesus Film in Mixteco in 11 Different Dialects:

Mixteco - Santa Maria Apasco

Mixteco - Northwest Oaxaca

Mixteco - Cuquila Ocotepec

Mixeco- Metlatonoc

Mixteco- Eastern

Mixteco- Southern Puebla

Mixteco- Potoichan

Mixteco- Monte Verde

Mixteco- Central Juxlahuaca

Mixteco- Terroro Venado

Mexteco- Diuxi- Tilantongo

Mixteco- Alacatlatzala

Mixteco- Silacayoapan

Please go to this website and put the word Mixteco in the search engine.

Watch the Jesus Film Online

Week of Prayer: Church sees unreached 20 miles away (article)
By Emily Pearson
Baptist Press

"SAN PABLO TIJALTEPEC, Mexico (BP) - Renan, a 10-year-old boy in southern Mexico, isn't an orphan. But in many ways, he might as well be. (…) Renan and his family are from the Tijaltepec Mixteco people group in the isolated community of San Pablo Tijaltepec, nestled among the jagged mountains of southern Mexico. Most residents are subsistence farmers, growing the food that their families eat."

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Please put the word Mixteco in the search engine. If you click on the language, you might find online video and audio for that language.

Please put the word Mixtec or Mixteco in the search engine.

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This page contains links to websites related to Mixteco Christian videos.

Wycliffe Mixteco Website

For more information on the Mixtec or Mixteco language and dialects, please go to these websites:

MIxtec or Mixteco Language - Wikipedia


Ethnologue is a product that can get the details of a certain language correctly. It has comprehensive information (statistics, guides, profiles) of all the languages in the world, 7,099 to be exact. They regularly update the information on their website.

Mixtec Language Resources - Secular

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