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One Verse Evangelism - How to Share the Gospel with One Verse from the Bible

Here are some websites that will show you how to share the gospel using one verse from the Bible.

One-Verse Evangelism: How to Share Christ's Love Conversationally & Visually?
By Randy D. Raysbrook

One-Verse Evangelism is a simple, interactive way to share Christ's love conversationally and visually. It is based on asking questions and sharing truth simply. It's easy to learn because it uses just one verse. One-Verse Evangelism can be shared in just 10 or 15 minutes, but can have impact for a lifetime.


John 15 Rocks

Equipped By Faith


Ken Braddy

5 Ideas for One Verse Evangelistic Preaching

here are some ideas on how to preach short evangelistic talks to others

Videos Online

One Verse Evangelism Instructions

complete instructions on using Romans 6:23 to share the Gospel in a simple and understandable way...anytime, any place, with anyone

One Verse Evangelism-John 3:16

If you were given a few minutes to explain the gospel to someone, what would you say? Most Christians don't have a plan on how to share their faith in a clear, effective manner to someone outside the Christian faith. John 3:16 is a great verse to walk through with someone the basic components of the gospel message. If you don't have a plan to share your faith, watch this video and commit to making this part of your faith sharing plan.

One Verse Evangelism in Tagalog/Filipino

share the greatest gift we received from God to the unchurched/unbelievers with this one verse evangelism presentation in Filipino or


One Verse Evangleism in Tagalog

One Verse (Romans 6:23)

a simple way to share the gospel

Romans 6:23

a tool for gospel presentation edited on PowerPoint and saved as video

One Verse Evangelism

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