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Operation Worldview Multimedia Missions Seminar

Mission ONE

Planning for your Missions Conference?

Consider Operation WorldView, a multimedia missions seminar customized for the unique mission vision of your church family. "Operation Worldview is the best medium I know to communicate God's perspective on global missions. The entire presentation is filled with superb Biblical content and dynamic multimedia that is shared with great passion and enthusiasm. God clearly worked throughout the presentation, and our church will never be the same." -Peter Simpson, Lay missions

Seeing God's Grand Love Story for all the peoples of the world

Through the team of Bob Schindler and Werner Mischke, Mission ONE presents a dynamic teaching event saturated with the Word of God, and incorporating vivid multimedia - to help your church understand in a whole new way - the grand, global-mission, Genesis-to-Revelation Story - "of Jesus and His glory, of Jesus and His love."

Operation WorldView is a dynamic multimedia mission event, personalized for the local church - in order to mobilize that church for global missions. The program connects the local church to the glorious biblical-historical flow of the world Christian movement - declaring the preeminence of Christ - while elevating the significance of the local church and its people in the process.

Connecting local churches to God's passion for the least evangelized peoples

Mission ONE hopes to involve local churches in personalized partnerships with international and indigenous organizations - for strategic projects, for leadership training, and to support national missionaries for evangelism, church planting, and community transformation.

By listening to our partners overseas, we pursue field-driven projects and programs among unreached peoples.

NOTE: While the hoped-for outcome of funding and personal involvement with Mission ONE partners is our ideal, it is not a requirement for the Operation WorldView event. Our primary intent is to be a blessing to the local church and serve its unique mission vision - or "destiny in God's Story."

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