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Paul Timothy, Mentor and Multiply, and Train and Multiply

Mentor and Multiply

Mentor & Multiply provides training resources and tools for free. Christian workers, pastoral trainers, and church planters can use these resources. Mentors, which include Dr. George Patterson and more, are experienced field practitioners and embrace the principles of making disciples of Christ and helping churches reproduce. You can download their training resources and tools on their website.

Mentoring for Reproductive Disciple-Making (PDF)
This pdf is a training workshop manual to prepare trainers who will introduce the Train & Multiply program.

Paul-Timothy Pastoral Coaching Materials
Paul-Timothy has many coaching and church planting materials on their website. Most of the materials are free. You can find the links to these free resources on their website.

People of Yes

Documents in Mentor and Multiply

People of YES! helps churches to multiply. They offer coaching, training, prayer, spiritual warfare, healing, and simple materials. All of these are found on their website and they are free of charge..

Train and Multiply
Train & Multiply is a method of training potential Christian leaders using a set of 63 booklets and a Student Activity Guide. This training is biblical, economical, practical, and field tested meaning it is applicable in both city and rural areas. This manual is translated into 39 languages.

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