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Prayer Software

Daily Bible and Prayer Software

Daily Bible and Prayer software is a free Windows application designed for personal prayer, Bible reading, and devotion. This software allows you to manage unlimited Bible reading plans, as well as manage your prayer list.

Echo Prayer App - Free App

Echo Prayer is an application which will help you to pray. It often seems to us that it is difficult to reconcile life and prayer. This is a delusion, a complete mistake. Prayer is the companion of the soul of a Christian. Prayer is a time dedicated to God.



iPrayerWorks is a software created to handle the manual tasks of the prayer room so that prayer is more manageable. This software is affordable, customizable, and manageable.


We often underestimate the conversation with God, we don’t know about the extraordinary usefulness of it, about the fact that it is a remedy for all problems and it is even impossible to describe its uniqueness in words, that there is nothing stronger than it and even equal. You do not need to have anything, only desire and faith to speak with the Creator. This and the unique position of man. But prayer should not be mechanical, but must be attentive, diligent. PrayerMate will be a perfect guide in organizing your prayer life.

The Prayer Engine

The Prayer Engine is an app Christian web developers can install on their Wordpress sites. This app is simple, safe and sound, and very user-friendly.

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