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Prison Discipleship Materials

Ministries with Prison Discipleship Books and Other Materials

Behind The Walls

Behind The Walls equips Christians who would like to share God's Word in correctional facilities. They offer not only training but also resources you can download on their website.

Bible Truth Publishers

Bible Truth Publishers sells Prison Discipleship books on their website. If you don't know the title of the book you want to buy, type the word "prisoner" on the search engine.

Christian Library International

Christian Library International has Bible study lessons for prison inmates. These lessons are free to download on their website.

ECS Ministries

ECS Ministries has nearly 100 courses in English and 50 courses in Spanish for prison inmates. The courses offered are challenging and the transcripts from ECS Ministries are often used for parole hearings and to gain entrance into further educational programs. The common intent of the courses is the spiritual growth of the inmate student and application of biblical truth to the daily life that brings glory to God. The curriculum begins with basic instruction about God and Christ in which salvation is emphasized. Then it provides for more advanced study as the student progresses.

International Prison Ministry (IPM)
IPM freely distributes Bibles and Christian literature to prisoners. Visit their website for their books and devotionals.
IPM provides many biblical resources for prisoners, for the purposes of evangelism and edification. The books featured on their website are testimonies of former prisoners who had their lives transformed through relationship with Jesus Christ. From sinners being saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, to growing into godly, fruitful people as His disciples now ministering to others, these are a selection of their stories.

Mid-America Prison Ministries

Mid-America Prison Ministries sells amazing books that help empower prison inmates to live as different persons through the power of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Their books are offered in low, affordable prices.

Moments With The Book (MWTB)

MWTB produces and distributes Gospel literature to prison inmates upon request. They send out individual shipments, as well as bulk or large quantities of literature to those who then put it to use for the Lord behind prison walls.

The Navigators

The Prison Discipleship Ministry of the Navigators works to share God's love with prison inmates. They help disciple and equip them for life outside the prison walls. Prison Discipleship collaborates with churches, volunteers, and ministries to recruit, train, and support those who enter the prisons to share God's love and hope. Resources for equipping and training can be downloaded from the website of The Navigators.

Source of Light MInistries International

SLM International disseminate Gospel literatures that aid pastors, evangelists, and church workers in their work of bringing the Good News to all people including prison inmates. They have Bible Study materials, tracts, books, and more.

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