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How to Have a Successful Home, Cell and Small Group Online Articles

5 Suggestions When the Pastor Leads a Small Group

Home Group Articles
By Joel Comiskey

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7 Characteristics of Effective Small Groups
By Brendt Blanks

100 Small Groups and/or Cell Group Quotes
By Andrew Mason

Build a Successful Small-Group Ministry
By Whitney Hopler

Cell Groups: Otherwise Known As ICUs

Cell Leader's Manual
By Gordon E. Mullings

Eleven Reasons Why Home Fellowship Groups Usually Fail
By Dennis McCallum

Evangelistic, Small-group Home Bible Studies

How Do You Define A 'Successful' Church?
By Jonathan Richards

How to Lead a Great Small Group Meeting

How to Lead Small Group Bible Study Effectively

How to Reach Your City with Cell (Home) Groups

How to Start a House Church - Five ideas to keep in mind when you're planting something new
By Larry Kreider and Floyd McClung

How to Start and Lead Bible Studies!
By Francis A. Schaeffer

Ideas For Leading A Cell Group
By Dennis McCallum

Leading A Small Group

Leading Effective Small Groups
By OCF Home Office

Leading Life-Changing Small Groups - By Bill Donahue

Small Groups Are Not a Cure-All for Megachurches

Small Groups Guide

Start A Cell Group In Your Church
By Scott Boren

Starting a Small Group Ministry
By Rick Howerton

The 4 'S' words for successful small groups
By Dave Miers

The Top 10 Mistakes Small-Group Leaders Make
By Randall Neighbour

Part 1
Part 2

Tips for Successful Church Small Groups

Top Ten Mistakes Small Group Leaders Make

Why are small group ministries important in the church?

Why Small Groups Don't Work

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Part 2 -
Part 3 -
Part 4 -

Small Group Videos in GodTube

Successful Small Groups: From Concept to Practice
By Teena M. Stewart
Successful Small Groups: From Concept to Practice details what you need to know for starting your own small group or helping your small group grow.

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