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AIA Gear

Beyond the Ultimate-Testimony of Christians in Sports

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Evangeball Soccer Ball

GOL 2010 Soccer Ball for Evangelism

J316 Ministries

Evangelistic Tool for Ministry

The J316 soccer ball is being used by all different groups throughout the world with great effect to the glory of God. The J316 soccer ball comes in three sizes and is available in the USA and soon will be available in South Africa as well. This creative ministry tool is a great way to open up conversations about the Gospel amongst all age groups on and off the soccer field.

Missionary Athletes International Soccer Ministry

Soccer ball kicks up evangelism stir

the multi-colored soccer ball that is being used by evangelists and missionaries in evangelism has been used in about 60 countries

online article about using the soccer ball in evangelism

Sports Friends

Sports Quest Soccer Training and Ministry

Sports Spectrum

Sports Spectrum is a radio program and Christian sports magazine providing daily news and analysis of today's sports, and thoughts from Christian athletes on what really matters in life. They also have testimonies on their website.

The Prize or Under Pressure dvd

The DVD features six football [soccer] heroes - Kaka, Lucio, Oscar Ewolo, Nicola Legrottaglie, Marcos Senna and Cyrille Domoraud - who have reached the highest levels and discovered that the real prize is not found in a ball, match, or even the sport itself ... but in a person.

Victory Sports

Sports Ministries Inc.

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