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Social Media and Facebook Evangelism

Below are links regarding social media and facebook evangelism.

Web Evangelism

This website is managed by an Internet Minister and Urban Missionary, Scott Reese. The purpose of this website is to provide internet users ideas and information on how to share the gospel of Christ using the internet.


6 Great Ways to Get Your Internet Evangelism Groove On

Facebook Evangelism (article with video)

Forget About Followers: 10 Tips for Nurturing Social Media Evangelists
By Michael Semer

How to Share Your Faith Even If You’re Busy, Scared, Or Don’t Know How
By Peter Guirguis

Internet Evangelism?
By Dr. Richard J. Krejcir

Online Evangelism Through Facebook, Blogs and Other Social Media

Please put the word facebook on the search engine on the website to find online articles.

Should a Christian Use Social Networking Tools (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, blogs, etc.)?

Social Media Day: Two High Tech Christian Organisations Plan to Help ‘Give Evangelism a Powerful Jolt’
By Alex Murashko

Social Media Evangelism—Twitter: Sharing Your Faith on Social Media | Tech Help for Churches
By Paul Alan Clifford (article with video)

Social Media: The Latest Evangelism Tool
By Robert Wayne

The Internet Evangelism Coalition and Online Evangelism
By Sterling Huston

Online Gospel Video Tracts

You can get online gospel video tracts for free at Fish the Net website. You can put them on your website or email them to your friends. Online gospel video tracts are a great way to share the gospel of Jesus Christ on the internet.

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