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Solar Media Center - 100 Yard Wifi Based Broadcasting Solution

SonSet Solutions

In locations where electricity is spotty and computers aren’t practical, more people are accessing content on their mobile phones. How can Christian content be made available to this rapidly growing population of mobile phone users?

We have created a small, Wi-Fi-based Solar Media Center to make Christian programing available for download up to 100 yards from its location. Often equipped with other modules such as a phone charging station, it is powered by the sun via its solar panel.

Media is a powerful tool for impacting people with the gospel. SonSet Solutions strives to find creative ways to provide gospel media to least-reached areas. You can be inspired by stories of our solar media center’s gospel impact around the globe.

SonSet Solutions' Solar Media Center is a low cost, simple way to interconnect a solar panel and various optional devices. It is made to operate in areas where there is no electricity, as it receives it energy from the sun during the day and stores the energy in a battery and therefore can be used day or night. It can provide a number of services in such locations. People are usually attracted to it because of the light and cell phone charging services that it can provide.

Some of the options are: an LED lamp, an audio or video player, low power Wi-Fi devices for broadcasting to nearby smart phones, a cell phone charger, etc. Options can be added or subtracted to suit your needs. It’s ideal for use in remote areas where other power sources are unavailable.

Why did we design the Solar Media Center?

Our deepest desire is to provide spiritual light to all people. So this can also provide spiritual light in a number of formats. Those formats are up to those who are interested in putting the device into service where they want to reach people with the Gospel.

Those formats include:

• A WiFi hot spot (not connected to the internet) so people can connect and down
load Audio, Text or Movies into their smart phones

• An amplifier for playing audio programs over a speaker

• A DVD player for people to watch (the Jesus film for example)

The solar panel and battery often need to be bought in the country where it is going to be used because of shipping restrictions and the cost to ship. Please go to the website below for more information or contact SonSet Solutions.

SonSet Solutions

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