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Solar Powered Radios

These radios may be used by people around the world who want to listen to Christian radio stations who do not have electricity or do not want to buy batteries.

Best Solar Radio: Hands on The Best Solar Radios on The Market

In this article we will present to you the best solar radios currently available on the market. Most have both the option to change the batteries and to use a hand crank, but mostly, the option for solar charging will be our main focus.

C. Crane - CC Solar Observer AM/FM/Weather Windup Emergency Radio

This solar radio is a simple, affordable, and compact radio with enhanced reception and audio performance. It can be powered in 4 ways (wind-up, AC power, solar panel, AA battery) and can be charged using many different USB type devices such as cell phones. It has a stereo headphone jack, accurate analog tuning with digital signal processing, lighted dial for nighttime, and built-in LED flashlight.

ETON American Red Cross Solarlink FR600 Emergency Radio

Etón’s vision is to harness nature's energy to power consumer products that keep people prepared, informed, entertained, and on-the-go. Our commitment to high design, efficient energy sources and innovative technologies enables us to create award-winning products that empower you. In your world.

Freeplay Energy Solar Radios

Freeplay Energy offers affordable clean energy solar radios. Their products enable the world's poorest people to have access to clean, renewable power, and all who use them to be informed, entertained and be safe. You can shop for the solar radio you prefer on their online store.

Galcom International

Galcom International partners with individuals, churches and Christian ministries to share the Gospel through technology. Their ministry focuses on low powered broadcasting, which can run completely off of solar or wind generated power. Galcom International also produces fix-tuned radios, solar powered fix tuned radios, and Megavoice (provides a solar powered, digital audio Bible and player).

Kaito Electronics, Inc.

Kaito Electronics, Inc. is selling many solar-powered, emergency radios on their online store. One of these is the Kaito KA332W Portable Hand Crank Solar AM/ FM Radio. These radios can be used daily and during emergency situations. You can search their online store for solar-powered radios under the Radio>Emergency Radios links.

Lifeline Energy (former Freeplay Foundation)

Lifeline Energy provides renewable energy alternatives to those most in need. This includes sustainable access to information and education, as well as lights and solar energy.


Solar power audio Bible called the Envoy

Reach Beyond

Please put solar in the search engine.

Resounding Hope

Resounding Hope provides families in Haiti with solar radios tuned to Christian Radio 4VEH. Over 60,000 solar-powered radios, fix-tuned to Radio 4VEH has been distributed. Each year, starting this year, Resounding Hope targets to distributes more than 40,000 solar-powered radios. You can be part of this ministry. Find out how on their website.

Makes it easy to power the radio, and a 3-LED flashlight
Best Buy - Midland Weather Alert Radio id=bb5228144&skuId=5228144

Keep this Midland compact emergency crank radio in your trunk so you're covered in the event of an emergency. The radio features NOAA weather alerts, letting you know when rough weather's on the way, and this functional Midland compact emergency crank radio works on solar, hand crank and rechargeable energy. This product features an LCD display, AM/FM/Weather tuner, built-in speaker, rechargeable lithium ion battery, and weather alerts.

Solar-Power Radio

A solar powered radio is a portable radio receiver powered by photovoltaic panels.[1] It is primarily used in remote areas where access to power sources is limited.

Top Ten Reviews - Solar Radio Reviews

This site offers reviews of different solar radios. You can find a comparison table of different products.

SonSet Solutions - MB-1 SonSet Radio

MB-1 SonSet radio is a portable, solar-powered radio receiver that can have up to 9 frequencies (AM, FM or SW) programmed into its memory. It is light enough to carry around your neck, using the lanyard which also serves as its antenna. The rugged, moisture resistant case protects the unit from the elements during the day while the solar panel charges an internal battery for listening even after the sun has set.

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