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Spanish Evangelism Training Resources

Cada Uno, Gana Uno

By Stan Toler and Louie E. Bustle

This book will inspire and challenge you to seek new opportunities to transmit their faith. It will also provide knowledge and direction needed to win and disciple others to Christ effectively.

Campus Crusade for Christ Store

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Child Evangelism Fellowship

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Evangelice como Jesus

By Randy Newmanús-Medallion-Finalist-Spanish/dp/0825415845

Evangelice como Jesus (Evangelize like Jesus) by Randy Newman presents the "ask a question" style of evangelism. This style of evangelism with formulas containing no questions, no answers to memorize and does not require a doctorate in theology to implement it. If it sounds too simple, do not worry. It worked for Jesus will work for you.

Evangelism Explosion

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You will find about 25 different evangelism resources in the store.

Evangelismo Es: Cómo Tesificar de Jesús con Pasión y

By: Dave Early, David Wheelerón-Confianza/dp/1433676796

This book contains forty brief chapters of high-octane, rut-breaking equipment, empowerment, and encouragement for all who are ready to share Jesus more passionately and confidently with others. It also includes articles on what evangelism is not, evangelism in the early church, and sharing Jesus, plus sample plans for sharing one's faith.


Evantell has tracts and one book on Spanish. The book in Spanish is on evangelism training.

David Wood Ministries

Fruit That Remains is a book on evangelism and discipleship. The ministry probably has other materials in Spanish. David Wood Ministries has other materials are also for evangelism training in Spanish. Below are some of them.

Fruit That Remains (Spanish) book

International Soul Winning Directors Institute - Director's Guide (Spanish)

International Soul Winning Directors Institute - Syllabus (Spanish)

International Soul Winning Directors Institute - Trainees Guide (Spanish)
International Soul Winning Directors Institute - Trainees Guide (Spanish)

Jerusalem Factor (Spanish)

Living Waters Spanish Evangelism Resources

Living Waters Español provides Spanish evangelism resources and offers local evangelism training in the United States, Mexico, and Latin America.

Recursos Gratuitos para el Evangelismo

This website contains free resources for evangelism.

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