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Spanish Pastor and Bible Training on Dvd, Online, and on a USB Drive

Preparación y Movilización: Preparación pastoral para la movilización de obreros

This Spanish training manual is for use of pastors and lay leaders of the church. The manual contains practical homework and self-contained examinations geared for upgrading the training of pastors and lay leaders.

Seminary in a Box (Spanish)
The Seminary in a Box by Adrain Rogers is a Pastor Training course in Spanish language. There are 21 sessions that include relevant topics like: pastor's personal integrity, secrets of sermon preparation, keys to wise leadership and management, balance of pastoral authority and leadership, and more.The training is on 10 dvds and a workbook.

Oremundo Ministries produces and provides quality training materials for Spanish-speaking Christians. The materials they produced are for the spiritual growth of the pastors and laymen.

Rio Grande Bible College

Seminario Bíblico Río Grande

Recursos SBRG

Recursos Audiovisuales
You can only find the videos or dvds on the Spanish version of the website. Please look for the links that say
Recursos SBRG or Recursos Audiovisuales.

SBRG (Seminario Bíblico Río Grande) Online

Frontier Baptist Missions

Trinity Baptist Seminary

El Seminario Bautista Trinidad

Please go to this website.
This is their facebook website.
It is also available on usb or flash drives.
This ministry is conservative.

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