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Spiritual Interest Questionnaire Introduction

I have found the spiritual interest questionnaire to be one of the best ideas in sharing the gospel. The number one reason why people do not share the gospel is fear. The spiritual interest questionnaire is an excellent way to start a conversation with someone because it is usually not threatening to the person taking the survey. It is an excellent way to get younger people involved in evangelism. Most people will not say "no" to taking the survey. Some seem to enjoy taking the survey.

At the end of the survey, it is good to say "If I could show you from the Bible how you could know for sure how you could go to heaven when you die, would you be interested?" It is good to have a good tract or the New Testament with you to help you to share the gospel at this point. After they answer the five questions in the spiritual interest questionnaire, you can usually determine if it is good to ask the question above.

Only after you share the gospel with them is it good for you to ask for their phone number or address. From experience, some people will not give their phone numbers to strangers or even give the wrong phone numbers. Because of that, it is good to leave with them a card with your church's address and phone number. If you are a male and the person saved is a female, it would be good to let a female do follow-up.

Sometimes you have to give people a little time to think about the answers to these questions. Sometimes you have to suggest answers to people as many have not thought about these questions a lot.
You need to prepared to answer the question, Why are you taking this survey? Who are you taking this survey for? What are you going to use this information for?

Some good places to use the survey is door to door, at parks, at baseball parks, at bus stations, outside of cinemas, or wherever people congregate. One of the best ways to use the survey is to go in groups of two or three.
This form may be made on your computer if you have a spreadsheet program. It may be reduplicated also with a word processing program to some extent or by hand.
If you have a printer, you can print it from the web.

I recommend The Bridge to Eternal Life booklet in sharing the gospel. It does a very good job using text and pictures.

Majestic Media

The Bridge to Eternal Life booklet and the Bridge to Eternal Life flip chart are available on the website.
These booklets are written by Pastor David Doran.
The flip chart is five inches by eight inches. It is an excellent quality mulicolored booklet and flip chart.
It is one of the best tools for sharing the gospel.
I recommend it.

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