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Step by Step Soulwinning and Evangelism Training

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Evangelism Resource Directory

Effective Evangelism Training

This site features a step-by-step plan for sharing the gospel with your friends and family. It explains evangelism-what it is and what is not- and provides Bible studies that will help you gain knowledge and confidence in using God's Word to win the lost.

Establishing an Effective Soulwinning Program
By Dr. Paul Chappell
This article by Dr. Paul Chappell provides brief guidelines on how to have an effective soulwinning program.

Evangelism Explosion

Churches will learn a biblically based method for sharing the Gospel along with motivating “on-the-job” training on how to share Christ and disciple new believers. Through this book, churches will experience what can take place when its leaders and members take seriously the command of Christ to equip the saints to do the work of ministry. Chapters include “Training Laymen for Evangelism,” “A Presentation of the Gospel,” and “The Proper Use of Testimony.”


This ministry does evangelism training.

David Wood Ministries

Operation Go Step-By-Step Soul Winning Plan
There are different evangelism training books on his website.

Personal Christianity

This is the ministry of CS Lovett.

Soul Winning from One Step at a Time Christian Growth Series
The step 7 to the Christian growth is soulwinning. On this page, you will find the answer to what soulwinning is and how it is done.

Soul-Winning Made Easy
This book provides a step-by-step and word-by-word plan of sharing the gospel with other people. You can find a few scans of C.S. Lovett's book Soul-Winning Made Easy on this page.

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