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Chronological Bible Storytelling or Storying, or Bible Storying

Christian Storytelling and Bibletelling

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Chronological Bible Story Telling

Chronological Bible Storying (CBS) is the process of encountering God by telling the stories of the Bible. In CBS, we tell Bible stories without interruption or comment and we tell them in the order that they happened in time. Afterward, we discuss each story and its significance for our lives. Each story builds on those that came before; as a result, the overarching message of the Bible becomes clear and we discover our own place in God’s story. This site is designed to provide the CBS resources you need in order to introduce people to the Christian message or to help existing Christians grow in their spiritual lives. The same basic process can be used to start new small groups or to plant churches.

Chronological Bible Storying to Tribal and Nomadic Peoples

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Equip Disciples

What is Chronological Bible Storying?

International Orality Network

Organizations making God’s Word available to oral learners in culturally appropriate ways that enable church planting movements everywhere.

Network of Biblical Storytellers International

One Story Partnership

The majority of the world’s unreached people groups are made up of oral-preference learners, who often have no written language of their own. In order to reach them, OneStory works with mother-tongue speakers to develop and record worldview-sensitive, chronological Bible “story sets” for each specific group — typically 40 to 60 stories in a two-year period. Mother-tongue speakers spread the stories to others. These story sets form the beginnings of an “oral Bible” to be told and retold for generations.

Five organizations, including Wycliffe International, Campus Crusade for Christ, International Mission Board, Youth With A Mission, and Trans World Radio have joined together to create a two-year program called OneStory Quest. Together we are working on new strategies and providing resources to reach the remaining Bibleless peoples.

Orville Jenkins Thoughts and Resources on Orality and Literacy

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Scriptures in Use

Scriptures In Use (SIU) exists to provide church planters in-country training opportunities to reach the unreached in those oral cultures! We guide and mentor each church planter to develop a grass roots church planting ministry through simple Bible storytelling and other traditional oral communication media.

Story For All

Story4all is based in Ireland and is part of a growing network of believers throughout the world who are committed to bringing the Story of God to all peoples ... orally. On our Links page you can visit various ministries who are doing a sterling work discipling oral learners, training full-time workers or providing wonderful resources. This page will be constantly updated as we hear of more working in this field.


StoryRunners is a mission of Campus Crusade for Christ to unreached people groups founded in 2003. We will not rest until every people group in the world has access to God’s word in their own language, and we will do it by creating StoryBibles. StoryRunners partners with churches, organizations and individuals like you to plant churches through the StoryBible Strategy.

The Glory Story

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Chronological Bible Story: Using one sheet of notes and The Glory Story Old Testament DVD a person with no bible understanding can teach the whole of the Old Testament in just 2 hours. In a similar manner the New Testament can be taught in just 1 hour. Glory Story products are being translated into many languages the world over; by Wycliffe and other mission organisations it is our our vision to translate chronological Bible products into over 5,000 of the world’s 6,912 known languages.

The Pattons

Tim Sheppard

Visual Story Bible

Visual Story Bible Ministries, Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable and biblical educational purposes and more specifically for the organization and promotion and management of an international worldwide teaching ministry. This ministry will include, but is not limited to: chronological bible storytelling, media enhanced biblical education, biblical art media projects, and other related biblical educational projects; the establishment and promotion of bible teaching through seminars, workshops, conferences, presentations, bible storytelling, bible quilts, quilting projects and quilting exhibits, biblical drama, fabric projects and promotions, interactive learning, videos, DVDs, cable TV, satellite TV, internet, websites and other avenues to persuade men, women, teenagers and children to enter and continue in an ongoing relationship with the One and only living and true God, who is the Creator, Redeemer and King of the Universe.

Why start with Creation and then proceed chronologically when teaching the Gospel?

Why teach the Bible chronologically? What resources do you recommend?

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