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New Tribes Mission or Ethnos 360 uses Vsee for Video Conferences


VSee, which means Virtual See, is the simplest video conference and screen share tool for meeting online. It is great for group video chat, online meeting conferences, and screen-sharing. VSee runs at a low-bandwidth and can send or receive high quality videos.


New Tribes uses technology to further the Kingdom of God

Brazil (MNN) -- What happens when missionaries go home on leave? Work usually stops until they get back, right? New Tribes Mission found a way around this. Using VSee, missionary Barry Spor in Wisconsin can create Bible lessons with a co-worker in Brazil. "It's as though he's sitting at my side or I'm sitting at his side." VSee is a computer video call program that's similar to Skype, but it allows for file sharing. Spor and his cohort are able to talk about the lesson and make changes that they can both see. Using this technology, Spor can continue his field work, even though he's on leave. Why? "We are church planters, which is not just seeing people come to Christ: we want to see the baby grow up to be mature adult that can handle life in a responsible way. So spiritually that's what we're looking for." Pray that the Bible lessons they're working on will help others grow as Christ-followers.

VSee Adds Ipad App


OoVoo is similar to Skype and VSee. In OoVoom you can host up to 12 people at a time on a video conference. Plus this is free. It doesn't require any subscription like Skype.

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