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Ministries which Provide or Sell Water Filters

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Amazon Outreach

Wells4Hope is a ministry created by Amazon Outreach to meet the urgent need of people for clean water. Amazon Outreach has built over 150 wells giving clean water to over 35,000 people.

Bread for Life Ministries
Bread for Life is responsible for providing thousands of people clean, safe water through drilling of water wells. You can become a partner with Bread for Life Ministries. Visit their website for more information.

Christian Aid Mission
Christian Aid Mission works native missionaries to effectively share the gospel with their own people. The work of the native missionaries that Christian Aid Mission support includes: digging wells for clean water, supporting persecuted Christians, training workers and sending out missionaries, planting churches, translating and distributing Bibles and Christian literature, helping victims of natural disasters, feeding the hungry, providing love and shelter for orphans, and offering vocational and literacy training.

Global Outreach-Haiti
Since 1993, Global Outreach-Haiti has drilled 328 water wells in villages and communities in Haiti. Each well provides for 500 people. These wells are helpful in supplying clean and potable water to Haitians.

Haiti ARISE (Actively Raising Individuals to Serve and Evangelize) Ministries
Haiti ARISE Ministries provides clean drinking water for the communities in, and the towns surrounding, Grand-Goave, which is important in meeting the basic health and sanitation needs of the people. Every well drilled by Haiti ARISE Ministries uses the service of Blue Ridge International for Christ, a Mennonite drilling mission in Haiti, and is ensured to be far from polluting latrines and other contaminated water sources.

Hydromissions International
Hydromissions is a great way to share the love of Christ while meeting a desperate physical need. This practical aspect of water ministry is often the passport for bringing the gospel into countries otherwise closed to traditional missionary activity. Hydromissions is committed to helping missionaries and churches establish or enhance water ministries worldwide in ways that are both cost effective and appropriate for the areas in which those ministries operate. Our desire is to be a coordinated supplement (not a replacement) for the many fine water ministries currently utilizing higher technology where appropriate.

Indian Discipleship Network (IDN)
IDN demonstrates the love of God through active and ongoing projects providing the basic necessities of life, including safe drinking water and education. IDN provides clean water from deep borewells they drill on local church property. The local church provides clean water access to its members and also non-members living in the community. This is a great opportunity for them to reach out to non-believers. Also, IDN trains and equips Indian Christian to be disciples of Christ and to make disciples of Christ.

Lifewater Canada
Lifewater Canada trains and equips people in Africa and Haiti to drill wells and build washrooms. Villages in these countries can't afford the full cost of critically-needed water and sanitation. Helping them by providing proper water source saves children's lives and allows girls to go to school instead of hauling water all day.

Lifewater International
Lifewater International, a non-profit organization, drills wells, supplies equipment, and trains nationals. At present, they have over 150 volunteers serving (geologists, engineers, health care professionals, scientists, and businessmen). They train nationals in developing countries with technical skills to improve their drinking water supplies. They donate equipment to the trained national crew and continue to provide technical and financial support until they are self-sufficient.

Living Water International
Water is the tool competing for souls in Ethiopia. Drought is affecting the lives of millions and water is desperately needed. President of Living Water International , Gary Evans says they just started a water-drilling program with the local church to help. "Living Water is a service organization that comes along side of missionaries to help provide a cup of water in Jesus name. We provide safe water systems at churches, schools, hospitals and orphanages." The goal is to lead people to Christ.

New Generation Ministries
New Generation Ministries helps raise funds to drill wells in Haiti where safe water is scarce.

Oasis World Ministries
Oasis World Ministries believes that the expresssion of Jesus has to be in both word and deed. They present the gospel in word and through acts of kindness like providing them with clean and safe water. Oasis World Ministries drills fresh-water wells that supply clean, running water to support the daily water needs of an entire village in rural India. Oasis has drilled over 380 fresh-water wells which have provided the daily water needs for over 190,000 people.

Quenched is developing and installing water wells in poor communities to help the residents have access to clean water. While doing this, they are also spreading the message of the Gospel. They partner with local churches and also support the local church with training to prepare disciples to go out of their community and surrounding villages to share the Gospel and make disciples.

Safe Water International Ministries (SWIM)
SWIM encourages believers to participate as ambassadors of Jesus Christ through providing poor communities with their physical needs such as safe drinking water. Also, they share the Living Water of Jesus Christ to the people in communities.

Samaritan's Purse International Relief
Samaritan's Purse works with communities to install and rehabilitate hand-dug wells and boreholes. They also offer maintenance training to community members who will assume responsibility for upkeep.

Sanma is a Christian organization that is committed to bring hope to the defenseless child laborers and micro farmers, enhancing literacy, health, and agriculture among rural India. A comprehensive solution-Sanma's water well program offers practical solution to this situation. One part of the program builds deep-water-wells for villages and slums. The other part of the program is educating people ways to preserve water and keep water sources safe.

Servants Hearts Ministries
Servants Hearts Ministries helps orphanages, like one in Sumpango, Guatemala, by providing pressure water tanks so children and staff can have a supply of clean water all throughout the year. They also help poor communities in Rio Bravo by setting up purified water tanks in many locations. This water that they are setting up is purified and free for the taking.

Set Free Alliance
Set Free Alliance gives the gift of fresh water to needy villages. This fresh water provision opens the door to reach out to the villagers by sharing Jesus with those without hope.

Texas Baptist Men The Water Ministry
Texas Baptist Men Water Ministry partners with stateside churches to help mission churches in poverty-stricken areas bring clean water, good hygiene practices, and a means of self-reliance to their communities, while sharing the love of Jesus Christ. For over two decades, the Water Ministry of Texas Baptist Men has workd to show Christ's love through water purification in more than 70 countries. They have added pump repair, water well drilling, and health and hygiene. Safe water and good hygiene can change the health, and economy of an entire village.

The Water Project
The Water Project is a Christian non profit organization. They provide access to clean drinking water in developing nations. Providing a reliable and safe water source unlocks potential by lifting this burden and returning time for study, work, and imagination.

Water Missions International
Water Missions International (WMI) is a nonprofit, Christian engineering organization serving the water and sanitation needs of people in developing countries and disaster areas. WMI uses low-maintenance, appropriate water technologies for drinking water treatment and distribution, wastewater management, and storm water control. The mission of WMI is to provide sustainable access to safe water and an opportunity to hear the "Living Water" message in developing countries and disaster areas. WMI's vision is that no person should perish for want of safe drinking water or an opportunity to hear the "Living Water" message.

Water Project
Acts 1:8 Ministry
One of the many projects of Acts 1:8 Ministry is the Water Project. With the help of generous donors, Acts 1:8 Ministry provides 125 water wells and towers in Africa. Now almost 218,000 people are receiving clean, safe and convenient water. Not only that, people are also receiving God's love because Acts 1:8 Ministry shares God's Word with them.

Way Of The Cross (WOTC) Ministries
WOTC ministers to people by preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and training others to do the same. They also demonstrate God's love to mankind by showing the compassion of Jesus to the poor, needy, and the afflicted through sharing of food, clothing, basic needs, medicine, and medical supplies as God provides. Part of this basic need is having clean water. There are rural areas where clean water is absent and WOTC helps drill wells for villagers to have access to clean water.

World Hope International
World Hope International partners with impoverished local communities and provides them with clean water wells that are necessary for sanitation. They drill wells, build latrines, and construct solar-powered piped water supplies.

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